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Finding Theses

Finding UTS theses in the Library

Type the author's surname, and/or one or two keywords describing it, into the Library Catalogue. Once you have a results list, select the UTS Theses option in the Format section on the left.

If you wish to consult a printed UTS thesis, you should take note of its call number from the Catalogue and request it at the Library's Loans Desk. UTS theses cannot be taken out of the Library.

Finding other theses in the Library

The Library contains a small number of printed theses from other universities. To find a thesis from another university, type in author surname and/or keywords into the Library Catalogue, plus the additional keyword "thesis". You should also type in the university name if you know it.

harvard university thesis
corporate governance thesis
university queensland thesis politics

Finding UTS Honours theses (final year projects)

Most honours theses are kept in the faculties. UTS Library has a very limited selection which can be found by checking the Catalogue.

Finding UTS Engineering Capstone Projects

Copies of the Distinction and Higher Distinction Capstone projects from Autumn 2007 to Autumn 2017 are held in the FEIT Learning Precinct (CB11.05.300) on level 5 in Building 11. 

Searching for theses from other universities

Use the resources below to search for relevant theses. If a thesis is not in the Library, or available online, you will need to ask the Library to acquire a copy for you, via our InterLibrary Loans. This is a free service for Postgraduate students and staff. Note that it can sometimes take over a month for a requested thesis to be copied and sent to us from another university.

Australian Theses

  • Find Australasian Theses via Trove (National Library of Australia)
    Trove has taken over responsibility for information about Australian higher degree theses, including links to any online theses. Trove's Advanced Search screen allows you to search for theses by using the drop down Format menu. Many theses have been digitised and are available online, but most theses are still only available in hard copy.
Chinese Theses
UTS library has access to 4 series (FGHJ) from below databases.

F - Literature/ History/ Philosophy
G - Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law
H - Education & Social Sciences
J - Economics & Management

  • China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database (CNKI)
    China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database is the most comprehensive, highest quality, continuously updated doctor dissertations database in China. It collects dissertations from 404 doctor degree grantors (See Degree Grantors Navigation).By October 1st, 2012, the total paper amount is more than 180 thousand.

North American Theses

  • Dissertations and Theses (Proquest)
    This is the major source of information about theses from North America. It has more than 1.6 million entries, and represents the work of authors from over 1,000 graduate schools and universities in the USA and Canada. It also contains an increasing amount of information about European theses.
  • Thesis Canada (a free database with records of all Canadian theses since 1965, and some online theses from 1998).

British and Irish Theses

  • Dissertations and Theses (Proquest)
    This is the major source of information about theses from the UK and Ireland.
  • Ethos service is a partnership between the British Library and various UK universities to make UK theses available online in full text. It is a new initiative so still limited but content will grow over time.
  • History Online searchable directory of both completed and in progress PhD and research Masters theses from the UK and Republic of Ireland.


  • Open Access Theses and Dissertations - Searchable index of over 1.6 million graduate-level theses that are freely available online
  • ETD Digital Library - Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations 
    Centre of a worldwide project to make more theses available electronically. Contains links to a number of sites that make theses available, some of which are free.
  • DART-Europe E-theses portal
    Search for e-theses across a consortium of nearly 300 European universities.
  • CiteSeer.IST
    A developing free scientific literature digital library which includes citations and articles on scientific topics (the main focus at present is computing). Includes some full-text theses in pdf format.
  • Google Scholar can sometimes be used to find references to theses (very little full text however). Add "thesis" as one of your search terms.
  • There is also a useful bibliography of articles about digital theses

Guides and Resources

Writing Theses - Guides on the Internet

Writing Theses - Resources in the Library

Try searching these subject areas in the Library Catalogue:

Useful UTS Web Sites

  • UTS: Graduate Research School (comprehensive site which includes information about graduate events, research degrees offered at UTS, fees & scholarships, services, and guidelines for thesis writing and research)