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UTS provides a number of resources for researchers to aid them in their academic writing. Whether you’re unsure of your basics, looking for a bit of help to take you to the next level, or simply trying to actually force yourself to write, there is something available to assist you.

Writing Support

A number of support programs are available to assist researchers:

Research Writing Guide

What is it?

Writing, Reading & Speaking contains a set of downloadable guides for academic writing. The Research Writing Guide covers a whole range of topics to consider when beginning any piece of academic writing, such as “What is academic tone?” and “Who is my audience?”, guides to writing research proposals and conference papers, as well as helpful tips on planning, drafting and editing your writing.

Who is it for?

Early career researchers may find these most helpful, the guides are aimed at any researcher who would appreciate a simple guide to the steps and structures of academic writing. An included guide on grammar may be helpful to researchers for whom English is a second language.

Where can I get more information?

While the documents are fairly self-contained pieces, any requests for clarification or suggested improvements should be sent to the Library. See Ask a Librarian by Email.

Endnote and Refworks classes

What are they?

While not aimed at academic writing, Endnote and Refworks are incredibly useful tools for academic writing. These classes can help teach you how to use these powerful referencing managers to organise your references and eliminate much of the work in academic writing.

Who is it for?

Anyone who does not know how to use these tools!

Where can I get more information?

For more details, see:

UTS Graduate Research School’s Research Student Development Program

What are they?

The Graduate Research School runs a series of research student workshop programs throughout the year. The programs are situated within the UTS Framework for Doctoral Education and aim to support and develop the skills needed for you as a researcher, as well as build your knowledge and skill in research practice.

Please note – these workshops are run by the Graduate Research School and not UTS Library.

Who are they for?

These workshops are aimed at any early career researcher and help to provide a solid base of understanding for academic writing and research. 

Where can I get more information?

Please check the Research student development program, or contact the Graduate Research School by email or by phone on 9514 1336.