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Support for teaching staff

Current physical distancing measures put in place for the health and safety of all have meant some changes have been implemented at UTS Library.

Read more about the service changes now in place.

As a member of the UTS teaching community we understand the rigours of teaching have changed significantly and quickly over the recent weeks.

To support your teaching during this period we are:

  • Supplying modules for Blackboard and Canvas covering
    • Literature searching
      • Understand your assessment question
      • Develop a search plan
      • Search more effectively using the Library collections and databases
    • Evaluating information
      • What is scholarly information?
      • Use the CRAP test to evaluate information
      • Evaluate non-scholarly sources
    • UTS Library: APA referencing guide
      • Why do we reference?
      • In-text referencing and reference list
      • Referencing most common resources
    • UTS Library: APA Referencing quick guide
  • Moving one-on-one consultations with our librarians to Zoom, making it easier for you to access specialist faculty advice and support on:
    • Finding new and alternative materials to support online learning.
    • Embedding videos from our large digital collections to use in online teaching e.g. TV news stories, documentaries.
    • Embedding Library training modules into UTS Online (Blackboard and Canvas)
    • Using the Digital Resources Register to create eReadings for your subjects
  • Helping you support your students in their online learning by:
    • Providing online chat, phone, and email support
    • Delivering our workshops full online
    • Providing an assignment calculator to assist with planning
    • Producing comprehensive information on referencing, including downloadable pdf guides
  • Growing our online collection of:
  • Providing a process to request books and an area at the entrance of the Library where they can be safely picked up
  • Cleaning and quarantining books before making them available for loan
  • Extending borrowing periods for Reserve items and laptops to 24 hours, cancelling recalls and sourcing alternative additional items where possible

We will continue to support your teaching at UTS and welcome your feedback on our services.

UTS Library