Are you getting the support you need for your teaching and research?

7th October, 2022

UTS Library are conducting interviews with academics at UTS to find out more about how you approach teaching and research at UTS.  

We would like to know more about the experiences of all UTS academics so we can provide you with practical and tailored support as you engage with teaching and research. 

We’d like to hear from you, if you are: 

  • a casual or continuing academic, 
  • undertaking teaching or researching at UTS (or a combination of both), 
  • at any stage of your academic career. 

Let us know what you need: connect with UTS Library here 
This is an opportunity to meet with UTS Library at a date and time that suits you and provide direct feedback on your experiences at UTS. 

About the project 

UTS Library are collecting feedback from academics in order to gain a comprehensive understanding about your experiences engaging with teaching and research activities at UTS.  

The information collected will remain anonymous and be used to inform how the Library can better support academics in their teaching and learning activities. 

Interviews will last for approximately 1 hour and be conducted either in-person or online depending on your preference and availability. 

The questions are focused on how you carry out your teaching and research activities, how you access support and your experiences with doing so. We want to know what’s missing or what could be done better so we can provide support that meets your evolving needs. 

We are very grateful for all participants' time. If you have questions about the project, interview process or have feedback you’d like to share, please contact UTS Library User Experience Team Leader Tess.Hobbis [at] (Tess Hobbis)target="_blank"

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