Reading Lists launches

11th January, 2021
Stack of books

Reading lists are used by teaching staff across UTS to deliver required and recommended subject resources to students.

As part of an improved digital experience (including the new Library website), UTS Library has implemented a new list management system, called Reading Lists. Replacing the UTS Digital Resources Register (DRR), the new system simplifies list management, as well as digitisation and Reserve Collection requests.

Teaching staff and others who use reading lists can get started creating their lists from today - read on to learn more.

Getting started

To create your first Reading List:

  1. Log into Canvas or UTSOnline and add Reading List in your subject site navigation
  2. Create a new list (the Library has preconfigured templates)
  3. Add readings from the Library’s catalogue or the internet via the widget
  4. Tag readings as required, or needing digitisation, or purchase
  5. Send the list to the Library for copyright checking and resource handling

More detailed guides are available on the Reading Lists pages.


Join one of our training sessions (via Zoom) for assistance getting started with Reading Lists.

Benefits for teaching staff

Reading Lists will allow teaching staff to:

  • create, manage and access all your reading lists in one place
  • create dynamic lists gathered from the Library collection or of resources from the internet
  • structure each list to suit your preferred material delivery
  • easily manage and update readings, and create templates/re-use lists
  • automate digitisation requests, orders, and placing required readings into Reserve
  • be copyright compliant with the Library checking each list on submission
  • view analytics on readings and student engagement

Benefits for students

For students, Reading Lists provides one place to access their required and recommended readings, both digital and physical resources.

  • Reading lists are accessible directly via Canvas and UTS Online.
  • Students will be able to ‘like’ readings and create personal collections.
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