Systematic - a Buzzword, Philosophy or Methodology? (Part 1)

Thu, 7 October 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Do you know the difference between a systematic search and a systematic review? Or what a systematic and scoping review have in common?

This 2 part workshop will tell you all of these answers and more. Systematic and scoping reviews offer a structured and reproducible methodology for evidence synthesis. While used most widely in health and science, there is growing use in the humanities and social sciences. This 2 part workshop is ideal for researchers who are planning to publish a systematic or scoping review, or who simply want to incorporate systematic searching into their practice.

Systematic - a buzzword, philosophy or methodology? (Part 1)

UTS Librarians will discuss the differences between a systematic search and a systematic review as well as tips and techniques for composing an appropriate research question that will guide your search or review. This session will also look at other types of reviews such as scoping and rapid reviews.

*Please note: This workshop will be recorded. Slides and recordings will be made available to registered participants. If you cannot attend the session but would like to access the material, please register.

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