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Subject Resources

Use the Search the Catalogue box above to search for subject resources by subject name, number or lecturer. Subject Resources include:


A collection of online teaching resources including journal articles, book excerpts and lecture notes supplied by your lecturer. Search by lecturer or subject.

Exam Papers

A selection of past exam papers (1995 onwards) are available as PDFs to view and/or print.

Please note that not all past papers are supplied to the Library.


A collection of high demand materials generally available for 2-hour loan. Items are placed on Reserve by lecturers to ensure equitable access for all students. Search by lecturer or subject.

You might also find the following resources useful for your studies:

Subject Readers

Subject Readers (also referred to as course notes or course readers) can be purchased, used in the Library or borrowed on 7-day Loan. Current year readers are available in the Print & Copy Room, Level 2.

Search the Catalogue for Subject Readers using the subject name or subject number.

Study Guides

Brief, introductory study guides to the most important resources for your subject area.

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