Scholars Centre Locker Application Form

Terms and Conditions: UTS Scholars Centre Lockers

  1. Locker allocation
    1. Lockers are allocated to higher degree research students who have access (clients) to the UTS Scholars Centre (see UTS Student Space Booking and Use Guidelines)
  2. Storage
    1. The storage of any items in the lockers is at the clients own risk
    2. UTS will not accept any responsibility for theft, loss or damage of items stored in lockers
    3. Storage of goods of an illegal or hazardous nature, offensive odour or perishable nature is prohibited. This includes any and all food and drink items.
    4. Lockers must be kept clean. Decorating or permanently marking a locker is not permitted.
  3. Borrowing Period & Access
    1. Lockers may only be accessed by clients during the Scholars Centre opening hours.
    2. Lockers may only be used by the allocated client, and sharing of lockers between students is not permitted.
    3. The borrowing period is up to 6 months, or until a client is no longer entitled to access the Scholars Centre, whichever comes first.
    4. It is the responsibility of the clients to remove all items from their locker before the borrowing period elapses. Any items remaining in the locker at the end of the borrowing period will be handed to UTS Security.
    5. It is the responsibility of the client to remember and record when their borrowing period will elapse.
    6. Photo ID Is required in the event that a client forgets or misplaces their pin, or the lock is faulty.