Copyright Advice

Australian copyright law allows certain rights and protection to owners of copyright material. The law gives copyright owners exclusive rights over certain use of their material. Australian copyright law also includes conditions and specific exceptions which permits users — such as educational institutions and their staff, students, and researchers — to copy and communicate copyright material. 

The Library provides copyright advice in alignment with Australian copyright law as it applies to staff, students, and researchers at UTS. 

Disclaimer: All advice provided is drawn from legal material; however, the information should not be considered legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Manage your content

This is the essential guide to copyright as it applies to using and creating content for teaching, research, or study at UTS. The tool provides information on:

Use Content

The key requirements and considerations in using a range of content at UTS for teaching purposes, for research purposes, and for personal study.

Create Content

The conditions and requirements in creating content for teaching, for research or personal study, and for sharing or publishing.

Copyright Toolbox

Covers a range of important and relevant copyright information, including Reading Lists, copyright notices, fair dealing provisions, seeking permission to use copyright materials, and guidance on publishing and rights management.

Copyright advice

  • For Students: Information on copying and referencing, and publishing your work.
  • For Researchers: Information on what you can copy, seeking permission, and publishing your own work for researchers of UTS.
  • Copyright and Staff: Information on using copyright content for teaching and work-related matters.
  • Reporting a Breach of Copyright: Information on reporting or enquiring about a potential breach of copyright.

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