UTS Publications

The Library provides a record of the University’s scholarly outputs via the Institutional Repository (OPUS) and publishes content relevant to the University’s mission and values through UTS ePRESS. The Library works with the National Library of Australia as well as publishers and distributors to ensure that UTS outputs are made available to a global audience.


UTS makes its research available freely via the OPUS repository. Even where material is behind a publisher paywall, a publisher-approved digital version or a published version of UTS research, is made available via the institutional repository – OPUS.

OPUS ensures that UTS research is maximised for the greatest economic and societal benefit, fulfilling the University’s social contract by enabling its publicly funded research to be free and open to the world.

If you are a researcher at UTS, having your content included in OPUS is automatic through Symplectic. For more information on how OPUS is used at UTS see Publishing Services.


The University Open Access Press UTS ePRESS publishes high quality peer reviewed research of both UTS and non UTS authors.

Established in 2003, UTS ePRESS has published over 20 peer reviewed journals resulting in over a million article downloads per year as well as over 35 books, conference proceedings, and student journals.

Materials in UTS ePress are made available free of charge and without restriction.