While we’ve made it our priority to ensure you have access to library resources online while you’ve been studying from home, you’ve told us that reliable wifi and safe, quiet study spaces are something you’ve missed. 
Tuesday, 28th September 2021
Enter Visualise Your Thesis 2022 for a chance to win up to $1,000 and build your digital communication skills by creating a “visual elevator pitch” that effectively communicates complex research to a general audience. Visualise Your Thesis is an i
Friday, 13th May 2022
From 2am to 2pm, Sunday 3 July 2022, the UTS Library catalogue and Reading List systems will be unavailable due to data migration work being completed by our vendor.  

During this time, you will be unable to: 
Wednesday, 11th May 2022
To help you prepare for and go well with your exams and end-of-session assignments, the Library and Student Learning Hub have additional study space, free food and exam support for you through Stuvac and the assessment period.
Monday, 9th May 2022
Take a break between classes next time you’re on campus at the Library Rest Stop on level 4 of UTS Central.
Tuesday, 19th April 2022
To make accessing Library systems easier, UTS Library will be connected to the Okta verification single sign-on process from Monday 11 April 2022.
Friday, 1st April 2022
From week 3 of Autumn (Monday 7 March 2022) Study Help opens near the escalators on level 7 of UTS Central. Weekdays from 12 to 6pm, get instant advice and help while you study, complete your assignments, or conduct research.
Thursday, 3rd March 2022
We've just added eight Online Learning Rooms to our bookable spaces that are specially designed for you to join your online class while on campus. 
Thursday, 3rd March 2022
With Autumn session well under way, you’ll no doubt be starting to see your assignment due dates creep closer.
Thursday, 3rd March 2022
In 2022, UTS Library is running a pilot of two Read & Publish agreements (also known as Transformative Agreements).
Tuesday, 1st March 2022