Prepare your teaching for Spring session

22nd June, 2023

UTS Library has an array of specialised services for you as you prepare for Spring session, including support and resources you can refer students to for assistance with their studies, making new friends and making the most out of their time at UTS.  

Get your subject Reading Lists ready quickly and easily 

UTS Library can help you with: 

Chat to a librarian for instant support getting ready for the Autumn teaching session.

Connect your students to tailored support 

Refer your students to services that will support their studies and take the pressure off you. 

  • The Student Learning Hub provides workshops, skills training, and general help and advice with being a student at UTS.
  • UTS Study Groups connect students to peers from their Faculty together with an experienced Guide. They’ll receive tailored advice when an issue arises and stay in the loop for social events, skills training and study support activities. 
  • The Supporting study portal is the go-to for support options, study resources and fun stuff for students. 

Keep organised

Plan your academic year with the Library's downloadable A1 calendars.

Calendars with key session dates are available for each teaching session:

Get personalised assistance

Visit Services for teaching staff for further resources to assist with the delivery of subject content.

Contact the Library and request a 1:1 consultation for personalised support from a librarian including locating discipline specific learning materials and setting up training for your students on locating library resources and research strategies for their assignments. 

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