Your go-to guide for helping students understand ethical use of GenAI

25th July, 2023

To assist you in advising your students about the ethical use, referencing and acknowledgement of generative AI (GenAI) in their assignments, the Library has created a Generative AI study guide that can be embedded direct to your Canvas site. 

The Generative AI study guide covers key aspects your students should be thinking about if they are using GenAI in their assignments, including: 

  • considerations when using GenAI 
  • types of GenAI 
  • ethical use and evaluation of academic integrity 
  • referencing and acknowledging GenAI 
  • additional support for researching, referencing, academic writing skills and academic integrity for assignments. 

Embedding the Generative AI Study Guide into your Canvas site 

The Generative AI Study Guide can be embedded in Canvas on a standalone page (recommended) or on a page that already contains other content.  

To embed the Generative AI guide on your Canvas site, follow these steps.  

  1. Select Edit from the page you wish to include the guide on. 
  2. Place your cursor in the location you wish to insert the guide. 
  3. In the Edit menu locate the Apps icon.
Location of Apps icon in Canvas Edit view
  1. Select Library Study Guides from the Apps drop-down menu.  (If you do not immediately see this option in the list, you may need to first select View All to locate the app.) 
  2. Select Full Guide from the drop-down menu under Content Type
  3. Select the Generative AI guide. Leave the Guide Page blank to embed the full guide.
Embed Full Guide
  1. Select Embed Content and Save to finish embedding the guide to your Canvas site. 

Your Canvas page will now have the full guide or single page of the guide embedded directly alongside your subject content for students to access quickly and easily.

Full Guide view embedded in Canvas

Get help  

For assistance embedding the Generative AI study guide in your subject site, consult your faculty librarian or contact the Library


Last updated 25th July, 2023 17:15 pm