The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive (ATSIDA) is a specialised trusted research data management facility and thematic archive of the Australian Data Archive (ADA), established by UTS in 2008 for research datasets, digital resources and cultural heritage collections of national significance relating to Indigenous Australians.

ATSIDA develops policies, procedures and guidelines that promote best practices in ethical collection and management of research data pertaining to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that incorporates protocols for respectful engagement with Indigenous people.

ATSIDA management

ATSIDA is managed by a team of professionals experienced in information management, ethical research practice and digital preservation management.

The team is guided by a board of internationally recognised experts and practitioners in Australian Indigenous research and the GLAM (Galleries, Archive and Museums) sector. 

Advocacy and services

ATSIDA provides guidance and advice on the ethical collection, management and preservation of data pertaining to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. ATSIDA does this in the following ways.

  • Providing information to researchers on procedures for data deposit, storage, access and use, and the appropriate management of data according to the ATSIDA Protocols.
  • Building the capacity of UTS Library staff to deliver culturally competent and responsive research data management support services through workshops, training, and awareness raising.
  • Developing models of practice that centre Indigenous people in decision making about how data about them is managed, accessed, shared, and used.
  • Engaging with Indigenous communities to manage appropriate access and use of data and collections, and recognition of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) rights. 
  • Building partnerships and linkages with government and non-government agencies, institutions (including AIATSIS) and the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector to support data priorities that benefit and support the aspirations of Indigenous communities. 

Contact ATSIDA

If you are interested in learning more about ATSIDA’s work, and/or how we can assist with your data management needs, contact the Library.