RefWorks is a cloud-based referencing platform designed to store your references and create a bibliography in a variety of referencing styles, including APA 7th. Note: referencing tools are not always accurate, you will need to check the accuracy of your references against the Library referencing guides before publishing.

Set up

RefWorks is available for UTS students and staff. Create an account with your UTS email address.

Add referencing styles

The Library has created its own version of the APA 7th referencing style for RefWorks. This style will allow you to make more accurate references than the generic APA style, and is recommended for use by UTS students.

To select the APA 7th UTS referencing style:

  1. Select the All References tab in the left menu and select Citation View from the Display menu.

  2. Select the settings gear next to Citation View.
    RefWorks - Select the settings gear

  3. Under Institutional styles select APA 7th UTS
    RefWorks - Under Institutional styles select APA 7th UTS

You can also choose other styles in RefWorks including Chicago, Harvard UTS, and Australian Guide to Legal Citation (search for the full name, not "AGLC").

Online guides

For additional guidance on topics such as backing up your reference library, editing referencing styles and more, refer to the following guides:

Training and support

The Library runs referencing and RefWorks workshops throughout each session covering how to reference and how to use RefWorks.

Contact the Library for individual assistance and advice.