Top 5 tips for referencing in your assignments

21st August, 2023

Get your referencing under control, save your time and avoid losing marks with these practical referencing tips from the Library. 

Know your referencing style 

Check your subject and assignment outlines to determine which style you should be referencing in. Each style follows unique written conventions that need to be followed accurately. 

APA (American Psychological Association) is the most commonly used style at UTS, but you might also come across the AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) style depending on your area of study. 

Reference as you go 

Create your reference list at the beginning of your research and update it accurately as you write your assignment. You’ll save on time and spare yourself the pain of trying to remember where you found each source at the end of your assignment. 

Quick guides are your new best friend 

Use the Library’s referencing guides to reference specific sources quickly and easily. 

Save time with referencing tools  

If you're a researcher working with a large number of sources referencing tools can help you collect, store, organise and output your references.  

UTS students and staff have access to: 

Get advice from the experts 

Our expert librarians are on hand to help with all your referencing questions including, how to reference different resource types and using the referencing guides: 

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