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RefWorks is a web based bibliographic software designed to store your references and create a bibliography in the Harvard (UTS) or APA reference styles. Follow the instructions below to get started, please visit a RefWorks class on campus or Ask a Libriarian for more help. 

Why use RefWorks?

Cloud-based and easy to use, find out what RefWorks can help you achieve by watching the video below:

How to Use RefWorks

The video below is a recorded demonstration of the Introduction to RefWorks class, delivered via Zoom.

Connecting to RefWorks

RefWorks software is available to use online for UTS students and staff from the Library Catalogue. You will need to log in with your UTS webmail password.

ProQuest has launched New RefWorks platform. If you are legacy RefWorks users, you can migrate your data and reference styles you have created into new ProQuest RefWorks account. Here are the links to get started 

Using UTS referencing styles

Choosing APA

UTS Library hosts an APA 7th referencing style for RefWorks. This style will allow you to make more accurate references than the generic APA style, and is recommended for use by UTS students. To select it:

1. First go to the display area in RefWorks and open the drop down menu, then click the settings wheel next to 'Citation View'

2. Then use the drop down to select 'institutional styles'

3. Then choose APA 7th UTS

Choosing Harvard UTS 2017

There are several versions of Harvard UTS reference style available in your account. Please choose Harvard UTS 2017 for your new RefWorks account.

1. Go to Create Bibliography from the " button
2. Click reference style dropdown menu, search for Harvard UTS 2017

Importing data

How to import data and your custom reference styles to new ProQuest RefWorks

  1. Login to your new ProQuest RefWorks
  2. Click + button, then Import References
  3. Click the “RefWorks” button
  4. Click the “Authorize” button
  5. Log in to your Legacy RefWorks account
  6. Your data and reference styles will be copied into your new ProQuest RefWorks account
  7. If you need to manually enter a reference into RefWorks for the APA 7th style, consult our how to guide

Extended guides

For any additional guidance, such as backing up your library, making duplicates and more please refer to the following guides: