50 Years of Vertigo

31st July, 2023 - 31st December, 2023
UTS Central, level 7

In celebration of Vertigo Magazine’s 50th Anniversary, UTS Library and Vertigo bring to you an archival exhibition honouring half a century of fearless student journalism. 

Step into the vibrant world of Vertigo Magazine, where rebellion meets revelation, and unapologetic voices demand change. 

This exhibition explores the themes that shape Vertigo's legacy; Holding Powers to Account, where uproars shake the campus and the truth prevails; Forefront of Change, where uncomfortable truths and groundbreaking perspectives push boundaries; History Repeating Itself, where the past's echoes still resonate today; The 4th Estate!!!!, a backstage pass to the magazine's mischievous drama and cheeky critiques.  

Brace yourself for an exhibition that embodies the spirit of Vertigo, daring you to challenge the status quo, unleash your voice, and revel in the unstoppable power of student-driven journalism. 

2023 Vertigo Editorial Team: Joseph Hathaway-Wilson, Arshmah Jamal, and Claire Matthews, Angelique Birrell, Axel Connell, Yvonne Hong, and Fiona Wang. Student Volunteers: Julien Ortiz and Nicole Sung. Special thanks to UTSSA receptionist, Jessica Hill.