Cyanotypes: New Perspectives

13th April, 2017 - 4th May, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

Cyanotypes: New Perspectives showcased the work of five young UTS designers and artists working with the cyanotype process. Cyanotype is one of the earliest photographic processes dating back to the 1840s and was traditionally used to create and reproduce blueprints. The emulsion can be coated onto many surfaces and, when exposed to sunlight, creates a negative print in shades of cyan.

The artists featured in the exhibition challenge the technical origins of the cyanotype through active experimentation with chemical processes, subject matter, and materials. The resulting artworks move towards a new aesthetic - one that borrows from digital culture to reinterpret it in analogue.

Featured UTS student artists: Rebecca Seeto, Poppy Rodrigues, Emily Kraljevic, Aaron Patterson, Zara Hartwig.