Down the rabbit hole

14th September, 2022 - 11th November, 2022
UTS Central

UTS Library and Vertigo Magazine have joined forces once again.

Aligning with the theme of the upcoming volume ‘Anomaly’, the exhibition embraces the alternative and escape from conformity through exploration of reimagined realities and individual expression. 

Down the rabbit hole presents a selection of student work that explores the nonsensical situations where one might find themselves, in the pursuit of answers, solutions or knowledge. 

Each piece reveals moments of the fascinating, the surreal and absurd existentialism to be discovered when one descends deeper and deeper into a vortex of the artist’s creation. 

The little girl  

Just could not sleep  

Because her thoughts  

Were way to deep 

Her mind had gone  

Out for a stroll 

And fallen  

Down the rabbit hole. 

- Lewis Caroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Vertigo Editorial Team of 2022 and the UTS Students’ Association