Global Studio India: Artisan Textiles

10th May, 2017 - 2nd June, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

Global Studio India: Artisan Textiles, was an exhibition of works produced in 2016 by UTS Fashion and Textiles students in collaboration with the Kullu Karishma Weave Studio, Tharangini Prints, and the Calantha Fashion Studio.

For this Global Studio, students were interviewed and selected for two very different programs according to their interest and design strengths. One group attended the Kullu Karishma Weave Studio based in the Himalayas and the second group went to Bangalore where they worked with an internationally recognised woodblock studio known as Tharangini Prints.

Throughout the program, the UTS students undertook a process of observation and reflection, which would guide the development of their final designs. On exhibition were the woven and woodblock printed samples produced by the students demonstrating the application of ancient artisan techniques applied in contemporary practice.