Josef Albers' Interaction of Color

Special Collections Showcase
14th March, 2022 - 8th April, 2022
UTS Central

This exhibition presented a selection of silkscreen colour plates from the Josef Albers 1963 book Interaction of color held in the UTS Library special collections. 

In this publication, Albers explores the complexities of colour theory through 42 double-page screen prints, alongside firsthand commentary. The book is considered to be one of the most fundamental analytical texts in contemporary art education. Despite creating controversy amongst academics and artists at the time, Albers’ text is used as a handbook for artists, teachers and students to this day. 

Although much of the research for the Interaction of color was entirely his own, Albers collected and documented many of his students’ works over the course of his career. Notably the Free Studies series showcases Albers’ encouragement of his students to pursue self-expression and independent experimentation, free from the confinements of the classroom. 

The exhibition showcased the results of Albers’ studies and how each colour plate or study demonstrates the principles of colour interaction and relativity through an experimental approach. As you moved through the space each study paved the way for the experiments that follow and showcase Albers’ adventurous, spiritual and intellectual exploration of colour. 

Learn more about Josef Albers and the Interaction of color in the Library catalogue.