Left Turn on Red

21st November, 2022 - 31st January, 2023
UTS Central, level 7

Coinciding with the release of the 36th UTS Writers Anthology, Left Turn on Red, this exhibit showcases selected excerpts from the publication displayed alongside artefacts which bring to life the personal narratives behind each story.

Throughout the exhibition we delve into tenderly hard truths of life’s brutality, a daughter’s generational gains and losses and the protective armour of a woman as she heads into the battle that is daily life.

Objects provided by the writers embody a literal fragment of each story, representing the intrinsic and central ideas being explored as the writers collectively expose universal human experiences.

UTS Writers' Anthology is an annual publication that showcases the best writing from emerging and established writers across UTS. The featured writers included: Lin Blythe, Verity Borthwick, Ant Carter, Pippi Cullinan, Melissa Gravitis, Hannah Ianniello, Kate Newton, Sophie Katherine Serafim and Emily Tran.

This anthology has been assembled by the hard-working student editorial committee: Carly Bertuccio, Nicky Byrne, Pierce Hadjinicola, Ben Lee, Charle Malycon and Erin Vincent.