Made In Isolation

1st September, 2020 - 22nd October, 2020
UTS Central

Empty Sky and Made In Isolation were two concurrent exhibitions showcasing student work.

Made In Isolation showcased student work created under the COVID-19 lockdown constraints of Autumn Session 2020. The student writers and creators featured in the exhibition demonstrated their creativity, resilience and adaptability, despite the restrictions; an impressive achievement during these uncertain and turbulent times. The works on display included poetry, photography, photo media and films produced for courses, spanning the Bachelor of Design in Photography, and the Bachelor of Communications in Creative Writing and Media Arts and Production. Themes of the works included personal and emotive responses to the socio-political apocalyptic climate, exploring feelings of anxiety and detachment.

The exhibition presented works by UTS students: Jesse Vega, Zachariah Cutcliffe, Keira Baker, Veronica Moorhouse, Lily Cameron, Tom Disalvo, Fleur Connick & Lynn Chen.