6th February, 2023 - 24th March, 2023
UTS Central, Level 7

In celebration of the launch of our 2022 Creative in Residence Katy B Plummer, the BOOKWITCH invited you to be a guest at THE BIBLIOMANCY FEAST.  

BOOK WITCH is our friendly Library ghost who wants to be helpful to all of us. She invites us to consider that the world is wild and unknowable and that it is constantly speaking to us, offering to bring us into conversations that are intimate, playful and thick with meaning. 

BOOK WITCH uses bibliomancy as her starting point. Bibliomancy is an oracular divining tradition, whereby a seeker opens a sacred text at random, and looks for answers to life’s questions. The cards in her oracle were generated from text found in books borrowed from UTS Library.  

BOOK WITCH invited you to do the same at THE BIBLIOMANCY FEAST. Located outside the Library on Level 7 where she was dressed in her finest party attire, the BOOK WITCH helped you be more open to possibilities, generate new meanings and connections and find the answers you seek. 

THE BIBLIOMANCY FEAST was a physical engagement where you had the opportunity to make your own tarot card with the BOOK WITCH. 

If you couldn't make it on to campus here is all you need to know to do some bibliomancy at home: Bibliomancy Instructions


BOOK WITCH was conceived and created on Gadigal land by Katy B Plummer for UTS Library 2022 Creative in Residence program.