UTS Writers' Anthology: Bloom and 40!

2nd December, 2021 - 18th February, 2022
UTS Central

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the UTS Writers’ Anthology, this exhibition showcased the publication of two special edition books Bloom and 40! Forty years of the UTS Writers’ Anthology

For the past four decades, the Writers’ Anthology has been renowned for the publication and national distribution of reviewed journals, highlighting the works of new innovative Australian writers from the UTS Creative Writing program.  

This years’ editions Bloom and 40! are no exceptions and once again provide readers with the chance to explore the creative minds of the emerging Australian writers within our community.  

A little about the two editions of the anthology:  

  • Bloom dares to traverse fiction by collating 37 unique contributions to the Writer’s Anthology that celebrate life in the wake of tumult. This edition celebrates creative voices and continues to thrive despite the downpour of yesteryear. Honoring both mundanity and the extraordinary Bloom allows readers to reflect on their own life and grow with the anthology.  
  • 40! Forty years of the UTS Writers’ Anthology celebrates the last forty years of the UTS Writers’ Anthology, displaying short fiction, poetry, personal essay, and non-fiction from the past thirty-five issues. All writing is produced by students of the UTS Creative Writing Program and features a foreword from Miles Franklin Award winner Melissa Luchashenko and a fascinating history by Dr Delia Falconer who has been teaching the program for sixteen years. 

40th Anniversary of the UTS Writers' Anthology celebratory video featuring writers from the UTS Writers Program.

    A 40th Anniversary Celebration was hosted alongside the exhibition, celebrating 40 years of the UTS Writers’ Anthology and the launch of the 2021 edition, Bloom. 

    Attending were the students who have contributed to this annual literary event, and guests including the esteemed academics and alumni who have contributed to past editions of the anthology. 

    Select authors from the latest edition Bloom were awarded annual prizes and read extracts from their work. 

    40th Anniversary Celebration event recording, including a panel hosted by UTS alumnus and author Sam Twyford-Moore with UTS Honorary Associate – Associate Professor Debra Adelaide, and past contributors Patti MillerZahid Gamieldien and sydney khoo, whose work is collected in the anniversary edition.

    Bloom Contributors: Jennifer Worgan, Orin Clark, Susan Hurley, Laurie Geddes, Richard Pitt, Claire Matthews, Carly Bertuccio, Kerri Lee, Bill Eftimoski, Eleanor Campbell, Jocelyn Prasad, Chloe Michele, Joshua Camilleri, Sophie Katherine Serafim, Morna Seres, Angus Thompson, Mike Dolan, Hugh McGonagle, Peter Vaughan-Reid, Lily Cameron, Charle Malycon, Talia Horwitz, Erin Ewen, Elana Chandran, Judi Morison, Kate Macdessi, Lucy McCarthy, Hugh Tranter, Emily Gibbs, Andrea Kovacic, Ch’aska Cuba de Reed, Neysha Santos and Arielle Bodenstein.
    40! Contributors: Zoe Adler Bishop, David Astle, Karen Attard, Kerry Bashford, Verity Borthwick, Emily Brugman, Bernard Cohen, Eliza Compton, Gillian Coote, MTC Cronin, Toby Fitch, Emma Froggatt, Zahid Gamieldien, Alison Gibbs, Erica Harrison, Adam Jeffrey, Chris Jones, Natalie Kershaw, sydney khoo, Isabelle Li, Debbie Lim, Tom Lodewyke, Damien Lovelock, Gillian Mears, Lily Mei Murray, Chloe Michele, Patti Miller, Judi Morison, Kay Nankervis, Uncle Norm Newlin, Aden Rolfe, Mark Rossiter, Joseph Schwarzkopf, Nicky Shortridge, Pat Skinner, Rebecca Slater, David Snell, Jo Truman, Sam Twyford-Moore, Conrad Walters, Rachel Ward, Harry Webber, Karen Weiss, Jessica White, Alison Whittaker, J.S Woerner, Beth Yahp and Sally Zwartz.