Find your new study spot in Building 5

20th March, 2024
Cozy study nooks and groups study spaces

Pull up a chair at the recently revamped study spaces in Building 5A and 5D, located at the Haymarket precinct. You’ll find a range of versatile spaces to suit your study needs, including lots of power and computers, bookable quiet and group study rooms, plus plenty of comfy nooks to take a break between classes. (Click to enlarge images).

More spaces to sit and study 

Spread across Building 5A and 5D, there’s plenty of new spaces and additional equipment designed to suit your study needs, including: 

Cozy desk booths with individual lamps
  • new low-light study spaces where you’ll find cozy booths and desk lamps to study without distractions  
  • a spacious computer lab with individual study booths and adjustable chairs to perfect your set-up
  • moveable tables designed to accommodate group project work and collaboration. 

Book a space to secure the best spot

New wide-screen monitors in a private online learning room

Find the perfect spot and book a study space depending on your style. Choose from: 

  • group study rooms set up with whiteboards ideal for collaboration and working on group projects 
  • online learning rooms with wide-screen monitors great for joining an online class or doubling your screen space for maximum productivity.

Relax and refuel 

Take a moment to chill out between study sessions or stock up when you’re feeling peckish. You’ll find: 

Student kitchen with microwave, hot water and vending machines stocked with snacks
  • fully powered indoor lounge areas to relax and chat 
  • leafy courtyards to unwind or study outside in the sun 
  • student kitchens with microwave, hot water and vending machines stocked with drinks and snacks so you refuel while you study. 

Getting there 

Plan your visit to Building 5: 

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