Your guide to getting through end of Autumn session

3rd May, 2024

To help you prepare for and go well with your exams and end-of-session assignments, the Library and Student Learning Hub have additional study spaces, supplies, snacks and exam support for you through StuVac and the assessment period.

Find your place to study

From Monday 6, May spaces across UTS Central will be dedicated to quiet study during StuVac and the exam period.

Find your place to study across UTS Central

This means there are more spaces available for quiet and group study including:

  • UTS Library, levels 7-9 for computer access and quiet areas
  • UTS Reading Room, level 5 for silent study
  • UTS Central levels 4-7 for collaborative and quiet study
  • Building 5A where you'll find cosy low-light desks areas as well as a range of group and individual spaces perfect for distraction-free study!

Additional collaborative classrooms will be opened for drop-in study across levels 4-7 from Friday, 24 May to Sunday, 16 June.

  • CB02.04.190
  • CB02.05.150 (large collaborative classroom)
  • CB02.05.290
  • CB02.06.150 (large collaborative classroom)
  • CB02.06.290
  • CB02.07.150 (large collaborative classroom)

The spaces listed above are not suitable for sitting online exams.

Limited spaces are available to complete centrally conducted exams on-campus for students in exceptional circumstances. Speak to your subject coordinator for more information and to make arrangements if this applies to you.

Refuel with free snacks

Snacks laid out on checkered blanket

Collect your FREE snacks and exam survival supplies, to help you stay energised and fully stocked as you study.

Think tea, biscuits, taffy, healthy snacks, stationery and you can even grab yourself a set of earplugs to help get you fully in the study zone! 

Pick up your exam survival supplies:

  • between 8am to 10pm, at UTS Library, level 7 throughout StuVac and the exam period.

Help when you need it

For answers and support during the exam period.

Prepare with a workshop

Put your best foot forward for exam-time and book into a workshop.

  • Tips and advice for managing exam and assessment anxiety from the experts at UTS Counselling.
  • A HELPS workshop to help you unpack exam questions and the best strategies for revising.

Take a break from study to recharge

 Take some time to zone out and relax between study and exams.

  • Recharge your device at the Student Learning Hub while you kick back on some comfy beanbags, complete a puzzle, game or some mindful colouring-in.
  • Recline with a book at the UTS Street Library on level 7 of UTS Central overlooking Broadway.
  • Kanopy and cuddle … pick from hundreds of contemporary film, TV, and media resources on Kanopy and Informit EduTV available from the Library catalogue. 
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