The UTS Library exhibition program showcases the scholarly output of UTS students, staff and creatives working against an academic backdrop. The Library curates exhibitions across a range of disciplines, facilitating cross-disciplinary encounters, with an emphasis on research outcomes, creative production and our collection. Contact the Library for exhibition and curation enquiries.

Artisan Textiles: Global Studio India

28th March, 2018 - 27th April, 2018
UTS Library Haymarket

This exhibition showcased hand loomed weaving and artisan woodblock prints made by UTS Fashion and Textiles students as a part of the 2017 India Global Studio.

The first group of students were based in the Himalayas where they worked with the Kullu Karishma Weave Studio. Students learned about the traditional methods such as spinning, weaving, knitting and natural dye processes – practices that have been developed in Himalayan communities over centuries.

The second group of students travelled to Bangalore to work with an internationally recognised woodblock studio known as Tharangini Prints. Students explored a variety of techniques that focused on organic eco-friendly colours and sustainable print processes.

Designing Justice

2nd March, 2018 - 23rd March, 2018
UTS Library Haymarket

This exhibition showcased five projects by the Designing Out Crime Research Centre that have resulted in real-world solutions that address criminal and social issues. For the past seven years a team of academics, designers and spatial psychologists have been exploring creative approaches to Social Justice. The team at the Designing Out Crime Research Centre (a partnership between the University of Technology Sydney and the NSW Department of Justice) have established a body of work illustrating design’s ability to promote fair, equitable and meaningful experiences in community, court and the justice system.

Data Lace

28th September, 2017 - 3rd November, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

Data Lace was an ethereal paper lace installation created by textile artist Cecilia Heffer that was suspended in the central stairwell of UTS Library as part of the inaugural Sydney Craft Week (6 -15 October 2017).

Cecilia’s project was a creative response to a selected environment - a workplace. Through a series of daily walking expeditions from an office to a design studio, ephemera in the form of shredded paper documents were collected and transformed into an installation of fragmented information, numbers, and words - a Data Lace.

Living Traces

Science & Animation
9th August, 2017 - 1st September, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

In her practice, UTS Visual Communications Honours student Megan Wong celebrates the hidden and unnoticed traces that are left when humans interact with books. The three projects that were presented investigated different elements of the traces that accumulate on library books over time. By visualising unseen elements of human interaction, Megan's practice draws attention to the ways objects change through use.

Megan collaborated with UTS Library curatorial staff to cultivate the microorganisms found on UTS Library books using agar gel. Students and staff from across the university were asked to swab books that were being borrowed and returned. The resulting installation was a unique visualisation across the Dewey Decimal cataloguing system utilised globally by libraries. The exhibition builds on Megan's work with public libraries to grow and display the microbial traces found on their collections.

Global Studio India: Artisan Textiles

10th May, 2017 - 2nd June, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

Global Studio India: Artisan Textiles, was an exhibition of works produced in 2016 by UTS Fashion and Textiles students in collaboration with the Kullu Karishma Weave Studio, Tharangini Prints, and the Calantha Fashion Studio.

For this Global Studio, students were interviewed and selected for two very different programs according to their interest and design strengths. One group attended the Kullu Karishma Weave Studio based in the Himalayas and the second group went to Bangalore where they worked with an internationally recognised woodblock studio known as Tharangini Prints.

Throughout the program, the UTS students undertook a process of observation and reflection, which would guide the development of their final designs. On exhibition were the woven and woodblock printed samples produced by the students demonstrating the application of ancient artisan techniques applied in contemporary practice.

Cyanotypes: New Perspectives

13th April, 2017 - 4th May, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

Cyanotypes: New Perspectives showcased the work of five young UTS designers and artists working with the cyanotype process. Cyanotype is one of the earliest photographic processes dating back to the 1840s and was traditionally used to create and reproduce blueprints. The emulsion can be coated onto many surfaces and, when exposed to sunlight, creates a negative print in shades of cyan.

The artists featured in the exhibition challenge the technical origins of the cyanotype through active experimentation with chemical processes, subject matter, and materials. The resulting artworks move towards a new aesthetic - one that borrows from digital culture to reinterpret it in analogue.

Featured UTS student artists: Rebecca Seeto, Poppy Rodrigues, Emily Kraljevic, Aaron Patterson, Zara Hartwig.

Textile Global Studio: China

20th March, 2017 - 10th April, 2017
UTS Library Haymarket

An exhibition of textile works produced by UTS Fashion and Textiles students in collaboration with Yantai Nanshan University, Longkou.

This Global Studio involved students travelling to Hong Kong and mainland China (Shandong Province) over a two-week program. Students were given the chance to explore local cultural textile applications as well as textile production in urban Hong Kong. Presentations from industry professionals introduced participants to global textile practices and provided context for Hong Kong Fashion Week sessions the students attended through Savannah College of Art and Design.

On the Fringes: South West Sydney 1994 - 2014

Special Exhibition
25th May, 2016 - 1st July, 2016
UTS Library Haymarket

UTS Library hosted a photographic exhibition of selected works by Therese Sweeney - On the Fringes: South West Sydney 1994-2014. The freely available, online collection explores social history and cultural life on the outskirts of South-Western Sydney. Recorded through photography, audio interviews, and video footage, the collection documents the communities of Green Valley and its traditional market gardening communities.

“My motivation was to challenge and redress the long history of negative press and social research depicting my community of origin as bleak and desperate. I aimed to produce images that were born out of collaboration, research, respect and relationship with residents." - Therese Sweeney, photographer.