The UTS Library exhibition program showcases the scholarly output of UTS students, staff and creatives working against an academic backdrop. The Library curates exhibitions across a range of disciplines, facilitating cross-disciplinary encounters, with an emphasis on research outcomes, creative production and our collection. Contact the Library for exhibition and curation enquiries.

Made In Isolation

1st September, 2020 - 22nd October, 2020
UTS Central

Empty Sky and Made In Isolation were two concurrent exhibitions showcasing student work.

Made In Isolation showcased student work created under the COVID-19 lockdown constraints of Autumn Session 2020. The student writers and creators featured in the exhibition demonstrated their creativity, resilience and adaptability, despite the restrictions; an impressive achievement during these uncertain and turbulent times. The works on display included poetry, photography, photo media and films produced for courses, spanning the Bachelor of Design in Photography, and the Bachelor of Communications in Creative Writing and Media Arts and Production. Themes of the works included personal and emotive responses to the socio-political apocalyptic climate, exploring feelings of anxiety and detachment.

The exhibition presented works by UTS students: Jesse Vega, Zachariah Cutcliffe, Keira Baker, Veronica Moorhouse, Lily Cameron, Tom Disalvo, Fleur Connick & Lynn Chen.

Fairy Tales from the UTS Library's Collection

Special Collections Showcase
13th July, 2020 - 20th August, 2020
UTS Central

Fairy Tales, the children’s literature genre we recognise today for its timeless tales and happy endings, have greatly evolved from their past versions that usually had much more sinister and violent story lines. The exhibition displayed a selection of historical illustrations from notable children’s literature held in the Library’s Special Collections. Looking at these historical texts and illustrations tells us a lot about how these widespread, well-loved stories have transformed over time and diversified throughout history.

Fairy Tales originally emerged from oral story telling traditions where folk tales, legends and other traditional stories were passed down through communities from generation to generation. The earliest versions of literary Fairy Tales in Western European culture emerged throughout the 16th and 17th Centuries, first in Italy by the writers Giovanni Francesco Straparola and Giambattista Basile who collected and compiled oral tales, and then in the France where the genre became popular amongst the aristocracy. The UTS Library holds versions of these early Fairy Tales that can be explored in our Special Collections.

40 Years of 2SER 107.3

2nd March, 2020 - 27th March, 2020

Celebrating 40 years of 2SER 107.3, the community radio station jointly owned by UTS and Macquarie University, this interactive exhibition delved into the rich and vibrant history of the station’s past four decades of broadcast.

2SER (Sydney Educational Radio) launched to the public on 1 October 1979. Over 40 years, the station has grown in size and scope while aiming to represent Sydney as much as possible. 2SER has been a space for learning and innovation throughout its existence - at the forefront of social change, pioneering music scenes, creating award winning documentaries, and training thousands of journalists and other media professionals.

To present this multi-layered history, 2SER conducted 40 original interviews with some of the key players from the station’s past. The exhibition presented these interviews along with a plethora of stories, images, and artefacts from 2SER’s archives.

UTS City Campus Master Plan: Our Changing Campus exhibition

26th November, 2019 - 9th February, 2020
UTS Central

To mark the opening of the new UTS Blake Library in UTS Central, November 2019, this exhibition celebrated the completion of the UTS City Campus Master Plan  by looking back at the history of our precinct and the architectural accomplishments of the past decade. The exhibition showcased the complexity and significance of the UTS City Campus Master Plan through historical artifacts, photographs, plans, videos, architectural processes, and models.

The exhibition follows the journey of the campus redevelopment, from its announcement in 2008 on UTS’s 20th anniversary, to the realisation of the university’s vision for a world-leading campus at the gateway to downtown Sydney. The campus has evolved strategically in conjunction with, and was one of the catalysts for, the City of Sydney’s development of the wider precinct, creating a connected campus with immediate links to industry and the community. Celebrating the development of six distinctive UTS buildings including the newly completed UTS Central, as well as underground sporting facilities, and a network of revitalised learning and social spaces.

Nandiri'ba'nya: Language and Country

5th August, 2019 - 30th August, 2019
UTS Library Haymarket

This UTS Library exhibition, curated by UTS and Western Sydney University, celebrated 2019: The International Year of Indigenous Languages, raising awareness of and promoting the preservation and complexity of the hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. The exhibition spotlighted language projects by members of First Peoples communities in Australia, as well as other researchers from universities around Australia. It introduced visitors to traditional spoken, sign and song languages through objects, documents and interactive multimedia as well as presenting ongoing efforts to reawaken ‘sleeping’ languages of our region.

The exhibition inaugurated the immersive virtual reality experience, Barrawao, created in a creative co-design partnership between academics, artists and designers, including both settler-Australians and members of First Peoples communities. In this experience, the viewer directs a self-guided virtual tour across nura (country) to hear traditional languages spoken, whilst simultaneously gaining insight into the connection between language and nura.

Disrupt vol.1.1

8th April, 2019 - 3rd May, 2019
UTS Library Haymarket

Coinciding with Sydney Writers' Festival, UTS Library and Vertigo Magazine teamed up to develop the first rendition of a Vertigo exhibition. On display was a selection of creative writing and poetry works from 2019’s first volume, alongside student-made artworks submitted for the exhibition that respond to the theme of ‘disrupt’.

In line with the Vertigo creative team’s vision for this year, Disrupt presents a selection of work that explores the unusual and the overlooked. As an extension of this volume, the exhibition includes artworks exploring unsettling themes such as: pain, anxiety, isolation, surveillance, resistance, depression, desire, loss and the uncanny.

A poetry reading was held at the exhibition closing event, where an amazing line up of student poets and writers responded to the theme of "disruption."

Transformative Technologies + Data Poetics

25th February, 2019 - 22nd March, 2019
UTS Library Haymarket

As part of Sydney Design Festival 2019, UTS Library in collaboration with the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building (DAB) presented an exhibition that showcased the outcomes and speculations of the Transformative Technologies + Data Poetics (TT+DP) group. The TT+DP research group are a multi-disciplinary collection of designers and makers operating in and around emerging technologies in architecture, visual communication design, and data visualisation.

Through their explorations in visualisations of complex data, mixed reality and automation within the building and construction industry, this exhibition illustrates how new technologies are enabling more inclusive design and review processes within various fields. Over the past months, TT+DP have developed two distinct projects that comparably use new technologies to assist complex ideas in becoming more accessible: Adrift, a data visualisation project that uses citizen science to collect data to map ocean microbes and Structural Hybrid, a real-world testing of robotic fabrication machinery to manufacture a complex structure.

Embroidered Relations: From India to UTS

1st October, 2018 - 21st October, 2018
UTS Library Haymarket

As a part of Sydney Craft Week 2018, UTS Fashion and Textile practice-based academics, Cecilia Heffer, Armando Chant and Donna Sgro exhibited the collaborations they had undertaken exploring contemporary embroidery forms with master artisans from India.

The works on display, although diverse in content, spoke of the strong cross-cultural relationship between the UTS Fashion and Textiles program and master embroiderers from India. The partnership was initially established by Julie Lantry, Director of Artisan Culture, with the development of the Global Studio program for UTS Fashion and Textiles students and is now extended upon by the three exhibiting artists.

The Magic Pudding: Celebrating 100 years of the Australian children's classic

Special Exhibition
3rd September, 2018 - 23rd September, 2018
UTS Library Haymarket

The Magic Pudding is an iconic Australian children’s story, written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay in 1918. The Magic Pudding is Norman Lindsay’s first and best-known children’s book and its legacy continues today as explored in the exhibition. After 100 years the book has never been out of print and has been translated into many other languages, interpreted into musical and theatrical productions, and an animated film. The exhibition featured items from the UTS Library collection including monographs, journals, manuscripts, audio-visual materials, ephemera, and toys.

UTS Animal Logic Academy: The Early Years

Science & Animation
8th August, 2018 - 25th August, 2018
UTS Library Haymarket

In conjunction with National Science Week 2018, this exhibition showcased student projects from UTS Animal Logic Academy's initial two years, including an animation, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences , and the PhD research project of Simon Rippingale.

Animal Logic Academy (ALA) is a unique collaboration between UTS and Animal Logic – a world-leading creative animation and production studio. UTS ALA offers the first industry-led postgraduate degree of its kind in Australia - a Master of Animation and Visualisation (MAV) - and practice-based PhD research opportunities.

2017 MAV graduates: Carol Amadio, Daniel Baird, Halil Basiacik, Andrew Battye, Hannah Chu , Emma Cooney, Jessica D’Ali, Aaron De Leon, Alejandro Garrido, Alessandra Grasso, Akishi Ling, Ravi Naidoo, Mai Pham, Ben Streek, Grace Testa, Laurie Wu, Ding Yu, Jason Zhao.