Changes to your Reading List shareable links

9th June, 2022

Due to the data migration of UTS Library systems vendor, shareable links that have been created in Reading Lists may need to be updated across any document they have been bookmarked or shared in. For example Word, PDF, Email.

If you notice that the shareable links you have shared or bookmarked are no longer working, following the below instructions to generate new shareable links.

Replacing shareable links that no longer work

If you are replacing links that no longer work in an application such as Microsoft Word, use the Find (Ctrl+F) and Replace (Ctrl+H) feature to update multiple links at once. 

Shareable links with the prefix https://ap01.alma or https://ap01-a.alma should be replaced with the prefix https://uts.alma 

Shareable links with the authentication system info (appearing at the end of the link) auth=CAS should be replaced with auth=SAML

For example the shareable link 
should be replaced with

Alternatively, new links can be generated and used to replace existing ones. 

Replace All function in Word

Generating new shareable links 

To generate a new shareable link for a reading list, section or individual resource: 

  1. Select the Reading list options ellipsis … 
  2. Select Create a shareable link
  3. Select Copy link to clipboard and Close the window 
Create a shareable link from Reading list options
    Copy shareable link to clipboard for pasting

    When to generate new shareable links 

    Generate new shareable links as soon as you notice they are not working. After July 3, 2022, links with the prefix https://ap01.alma or https://ap01-a.alma will no longer work. 


    See more information on Library systems service interruptions, including changes to the Cite It! Bookmarklet. 

    Contact the Library or chat to a Librarian online for guidance with Reading Lists and support with your teaching needs. 

    Last updated 28th June, 2022 15:57 pm